Need your own coach to help you with your Amazon business?

Get your own Amazon FBA Mentor to scale your business

Why pay someone to run your business
when you can do it yourself?

At My Amazon Coach, we believe the best person to manage your business is YOU!  That’s why our focus is helping clients learn the ins and outs of selling on Amazon so that after they’ve finished with us, they can feel confident in launching their own brand successfully.  Otherwise, you’ll always be dependent on others to run your business.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve Already Helped A Number Of Sellers Start Their Amazon Journey. Find out how we can help you Today!

Unlike most other companies, our goal isn’t just to teach you how to sell on Amazon and let you fend for yourself. We want to be your coach on your Amazon journey to help you EVERY STEP of the WAY from starting your Seller Account, to launching your first product. We are a group of 6-Figure Amazon sellers who’ve been selling on the platform for a number of years now, and want to provide our experience and knowledge to help others get started.

All of our programs are LIVE sessions taught directly to you which means no generic online videos or advice. Each person that signs up for our service will get advice that is tailored for them!

These Are The Services We Offer To Improve Your Amazon Sales

This is a monthly plan where you have access to one of our coaches and can ask them as many questions as you need in order to help you get started and answer any questions that you may have with your business. Each Monthly Plan includes:
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This is a one-on-one zoom consultation that may take a few hours and helps you resolve a specific problem or concerns you are having with your Amazon account. We will ensure that you get your enquiry resolved or you get your MONEY BACK!
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We will help sellers go from just starting out, to having a functioning Amazon sellers account and the knowledge and practice to know what products to look for, as well as how to find it and differentiate it
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